FURNICERT certifies your furniture and English skills

We have completed the language course for furniture sector and certification procedure for that course.  You can learn English and furniture at the same time and gain 2 competences at once. The course is composed of 12 units and you need about 2 or 3 weeks of self learning to acquire the knowledge to be able to pass the test and get the certificate.

To access the course please register here: https://www.losglobos.eu/autoform?id=9c03c722

UNICERT S.A. has developed the certification framework for the project participants’ gained knowledge, competencies, and skills, as well as the certification process. The certification is accepted on the market because it is made using a legal method of accreditation that is recognized by the EU and is in line with the rules and procedures of the national accreditation bodies of E.A. countries and states (European Cooperation for Accreditation).

Here you can find the declaration of Interest for upcoming exams: https://unicert.gr/furnicert-form/?lang=en