Language Course and Certification for the Furniture Industry

We are pleased to announce the finalization of our new language course tailored specifically for the furniture industry and the successful completion of its certification procedure. This language course , designed to improve English language skills and simultaneously deepen understanding of the complexities of the furniture industry, is now open for registration.

The course is structured into 12 comprehensive chapters, each designed to cover essential topics relevant to the furniture sector. By dedicating 2 to 3 weeks of self-paced study, you can acquire important industry knowledge and prepare to pass the certification exam, ultimately earning a recognized certification.

Our certification partner, UNICERT S.A. from Greece, has developed a certification framework that aligns with European Qualification Standards. This ensures that the certification is widely recognized and valued across the European market.

To gain access to the course, please register on our platform: Course Registration.

If you are already interested in taking certification exams, fill out the online application form: Certification Interest Form. By clicking on this link, you will also find all the important information about the upcoming exams.

In addition, we are thrilled to inform that we are preparing a special Multiplier Event where you can learn more about the course and certification process, and get all your questions answered.

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