Certification framework is under development

UNICERT S.A. will develop the certification framework for the knowledge, competences and skills acquired by the project participants, as well as the certification process.

The certification will be accepted on the market because it will be carried out according to a legal accreditation method recognised by the EU and in accordance with the rules and procedures of the national accreditation bodies and procedures of the national accreditation bodies of the E.A. countries and states (European Cooperation for Accreditation).

Participants will receive a high-quality, EU-recognised certification of their skills and competences, in line with labour market needs, making them more competitive and attractive to employers.

Participants will be validated and certified in a fair and open way. This will promote industry-wide change and support the furniture sector. The project will involve all partners and associate partners with over 50 organisations and companies with which the partners interact across Europe. It creates a solid, stable network for modernising training programmes, reintegrating furniture workers and sharing best practices.