Upgrade your English for the furniture industry with Furnicert!

Furnicert is an Erasmus+ initiative which aims to provide vocational language education tailored to the furniture sector through an e-learning platform. Its main objective is to equip employees with B1/B2 level proficiency in English. Consequently, the e-tool will enable its users to communicate efficiently in business environments and foster a deeper understanding of the needs of foreign clients.

The course curriculum consists of eleven units concentrating on furniture-related topics, supported by an additional unit dedicated to developing soft skills. Each unit is further divided into smaller lessons for better accessibility and user-friendliness. The learning materials are available in a variety of formats, including videos, articles, interactive presentations and glossaries. It ensures the holistic nature of the content and its influence on grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading and comprehension competencies.

The e-learning course offers gamified training content created with the usage of CLIL methodology and specialized knowledge. Its practicality is assured through a wide range of interactive elements such as crosswords, true or false statements, drag-and-drop activities, gap-fill exercises, matching tasks and single choice tests. After completing the entire course, participants will receive an EU-recognized certificate which confirms the acquired knowledge, competencies, and skills.