CETEM promotes innovation and language learning in the furniture sector

As part of the FURNICERT project, CETEM, the Spanish partner of this European initiative, organized two workshops aimed at showcasing the platform and courses developed.

The first workshop, held on April 15th, engaged workers from the furniture sector involved in English learning sessions. In contrast, the second workshop brought together professionals from the sector—entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, and workers—alongside teachers from various disciplines.

The primary focus was on enhancing language skills and fostering creative problem-solving within the furniture and wood sectors. This was achieved through demonstrations of the e-learning platform and training materials developed through the FURNICERT project, emphasizing the application of design thinking methodologies to promote collaboration and innovative thinking.

Broadly speaking, participants found the workshop and the FURNICERT project’s offerings to be highly beneficial for some occupations such as international trades or customer service attendance. They particularly appreciated the accessibility of the LOS GLOBOS platform being free of charge.

Mind mapping session held during the workshop at CETEM.