Furnicert project partners advance in the development of an English course for furniture professionals in their second meeting at CETEM

In January, the second meeting of the Furnicert project was held at the facilities of the Furniture and Wood Technology Centre (CETEM) in Yecla

The project partners, coming from different European countries, have worked on the structure of the course in English that they are developing and that is especially aimed at professionals in the furniture sector.

During the meeting, they discussed the progress made so far in the design of the course, whose main objective is to improve the training of workers in the furniture sector in Europe, especially with regard to quality certification and innovation in production.

The partners have exchanged ideas and proposals for the definition of the course syllabus, contents and methodology, in order to make it as complete and useful as possible for professionals in the sector.

The Furnicert project, financed by the Erasmus Plus programme, has the participation of several international partners, including educational institutions, business associations and companies in the furniture sector, which provides different points of view for the proper development of the project and ensure the best results.

The course they are developing aims to improve the training of workers in the furniture sector in Europe, providing knowledge and practical tools that allow them to improve quality and efficiency in production, and better adapt to new market trends.