How animation is transforming this Furniture Sector Language Course: Discover the exciting world of furniture with Professor Fornicertus and Mr. & Mrs. Wood!

The language course for the furniture sector has been developed and consists of 11 units and an additional unit to develop transversal skills required for the certification process.

Eurospeak together with Globalnet developed the units on the history of furniture, classification of furniture, characteristics of cabinet, frame and upholstered furniture, materials used in furniture production, surface finishing techniques for furniture, ergonomics in furniture design, safety requirements for furniture, sustainability of furniture, furniture technologies, negotiations and international trade.

During the development of Outcome 3, the content of the language course was transferred to the e-learning format. Globalnet made animated films for the language course with the main characters of the course, such as Professor Fornicertus or Mr and Mrs Wood, the owners of the company Furnicert, introducing the learner to the subject of furniture.

The development of the e-learning platform is almost complete and it will soon be tested and improved according to the feedback received.