FURNICERT project in a nutshell

The project FURNICERT  CERTIFICATION IN LANGUAGE FOR FURNITURE aim is to teach people vocational languages for the furniture sector through an e-learning tool and to develop new competences in furniture in foreign languages (English). The results of the project will be gathered on a bespoke e-learning platform to support digital learning. The project will be based on CLIL approach – it will teach people English integrated with furniture content.

The developed e-learning language course is aimed at professionals working in the furniture area – staff who want to increase their language competence. Additionally, project indirect target group can be also language teachers who will be equipped with tools and methodology for digital/distance learning. The project will improve the level of key competences and skills, the teaching and learning of languages and promote the Eu’s linguistic diversity.

Another value of the project is that participants – furniture staff will obtain the validation and valorization of their developed language skills and competences in line with European Qualifications Framework according to European Cooperation for Accreditation.

Furniture is a sector of the economy which plays a strongly integrating role. Europe is one of the major regions where in the furniture export ratio is higher than the imports.  A quarter of the world’s furniture is produced in the EU.

The project will develop the following results:

  1. FURNITURE LANGUAGE COURSE – language course for furniture in English with the content for furniture based on CLIL methodology, using furniture knowledge.
  2. E-LEARNING FOR FURNITURE equipped with gamified elements to raise the engagement of learners.
  3. CERTIFICATION PROCEDURE   the certification framework for the gained knowledge, competences and skills of workers in the furniture sector.