Furniture design language course – get to know what we are doing on PR1

The research conducted among partner countries and beyond shows that there is a significant lack of English language knowledge among professionals working in the field of furniture design.

Hence, this project result aims to develop 80 hours long e-learning course in order for students to improve their English language skills while focusing on the main need of developing knowledge of furniture design. The course is developed in such a way that the most important grammar aspects suitable to B1/B2 level are covered and general vocabulary and terminology of the furniture design are improved. Various teaching methodologies are considered to develop the course such as CLIL, SCRUM and ED-TECH. The lesson material is introduced in a form of a dialogue/text. The course units include exercises focusing on English grammar rules and are introduced through activities such as audio and video recordings, quizzes, multiple-choice exercises, tests, and etc. These exercises focus on a set of English grammar structural rules such as tenses, phrases, idioms, verbs, etc.

The course aims to equip students with the English language skills needed to perform communicative tasks in the workplace. The course covers topics common to typical furniture design activities, as well as more personal furniture design job-related areas while developing students’ general knowledge of the social norms and attitudes toward the job market.  The language course will cover the following areas of furniture design:

  • History of furniture
  • Furniture classification
  • Characteristics of the case, skeletal and upholstery furniture
  • Materials used in furniture production
  • Furniture surface finishing techniques
  • Introduction to furniture design engineering (joints, documentation)
  • Ergonomy in furniture design
  • Safety requirements for furniture
  • Furniture sustainability
  • Furniture technologies
  • Negotiations and International trade